What Is a Podcast

What Is a Podcast ?

Podcasts have been a highly popular era maybe in recent 15-20 years abroad and the number of both audiences and programs has gradually increased. Even, it is possible to see the first samples at the beginning of the 2000s. However, its popularization has been taking place over the past several years.
The most basic definition of a podcast can also actually be made in the form of "Audio blogging". Because each episode of the podcast actually discusses the various subject. The podcast consists of a combination of the words "live broadcast" (broadcast) and pod as a word meaning. In fact, it is a name that live recorded broadcasts are broadcasted in the desired time and media. However, it is completely related to iPod when its exit era is examined. Even though it is designed as listened from iPod, now it has reached the technology that can be listened to from every device.

How Do You Do Podcast?

Of course, in order to record a podcast firstly, decide to record a podcast and convince yourself that maybe very few people will listen to it in the beginning. After removing obstacles to the issue just now, there is indispensable on the line: equipment. The equipment issue is a little bit complicated. In other words, it may show an alteration in terms of the budget and quality the targeted of person. Of course, it is necessary to highlight that a person and an institution that aim to reach a high listening number have no luxury of broadcasting in low quality.

Necessary Equipment

Just a budget of 500 – 1000 ₺ will be sufficient in order to gather basic podcast equipment. However, as we mentioned, you should discard expenditure between 3000- 5000 ₺ in order to high-quality sound.
Microphone: It is supposed to say that you are about to make a mistake if you thinking about using a regular headphone microphone or a computer. Because sound quality is as significant as idea and content. The squeaky and unqualified audio output will affect the loyalty of the audience and alienate them from it.
POP Filter: First and foremost, it should be said that the POP filter makes an indispensable offer. However, if you are intending to make a fair amount of professional podcast records and get maximum return, you should use the POP filter. Both lifetimes of your microphone will be extended and you will prevent sound bursts during the conversation by using the filter.
Headphone: Just like POP Filter, headphones are not one of the mandatory gadgets to use. On the other hand, both moderator and guest are able to hear their voices during podcast broadcasting. This brings about more healthy record potential. At the same time, the person who is making a record will be sure that everything is fine.

Upload to Podcast Media such as Spotify and iTunes

After the recording process of the podcast, there is an uploading process. Spotify and iTunes are the pioneers of the podcast format. However, SoundCloud, Google Podcasts and various applications which focus on the podcast are among the alternative media. There are various ways to upload podcasts to one of these media. For instance, to upload a podcast to SoundCloud registering is sufficient. Yet for other alternatives, you need to create an RSS feed. You can also do this by uploading podcasts to Anchor and Transistor. After creating your RSS feed, just follow the steps of the media you want to upload your podcast to. For example, you can glance the steps on the special page that Spotify has created for podcast producers.

Source : https://podjust.com

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